Ideation session June 2019


In the ideation session we will bring together all different types of organizations, from start-ups to non-profit to corporates. During the ideation session you will be challenged to recognize opportunities that climate change offer and to turn these opportunities into action within your own organization.


June 5th , from 9.00 – 14.00.



By the end of the day:

You selected one or more concrete usecases to work on which are relevant for your own organization;
You have defined an action plan for the further development of the usecase(s);
Your network is extended with relevant experts and like-minded professionals.

Fow who?

Project managers;
Innovation managers;
Investment managers;
Policy advisers.


During this day all participants will pitch a usecase which is relevant for your organization.

After the pitches, a selection of the most promising and impactful usecases will be made (perhaps your usecase is one of them!).

After the selection you can join the usecases that you want to work on further. Together with the newly formed usecase team you will define an action plan for the further development and implementation of the usecase.

The usecases have to fulfill the following criteria:
The usecase has to realise a reduction of CO2 emissions;
The usecase must be established through cooperation between different organizations;
The usecase is scalable.

Please note: the main language of the ideation session is Dutch.


For the partners of Techruption and for start-ups, participating in the ideation session is free;
For commercial organizations that are not affiliated to Techruption the participation costs are €200,-;
For non-commercial organizations that are not affiliated to Techruption the participation costs are €100,-.

Smart-up track

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Lotte Loeber

SCO Team Member