About Smart Climate Opportunities

In 2016, 195 nations agreed to support the climate change goals set in Paris.
We believe it’s time to step up the game and to turn climate change into climate chances.
By using technology in a proactive way.
By bringing together industry, innovation, capital and science.
By doing this together we accelerate the transition towards a sustainable economy.
That’s how we outsmart climate Change.
Changes are now, chances are now.

Smart Climate Opportunities accelerates the transition towards a smart and sustainable economy.

We challenge and inspire people to gain a new way of thinking which is essential to make this transition happen. Secondly, in order to demonstrate that the energy transition brings along ample opportunities, we initiate and stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives that accelerate the transition. We do this by bringing together industry, innovation, capital and science in the areas of energy, mobility, food, water, products and materials.

Focus Areas

We have selected 5 promising focus areas for starting new initiatives:


Solar and wind energy will play an important role in the transition to sustainable energy. New technology must be combined with mass upscaling of these energy sources.

Through cooperation with partners, our goal is to build several profitable solar and wind parks by late 2018, within and outside the Netherlands. These may be realized individually or combined with green hydrogen applications.


Green hydrogen is making the energy transition possible for the chemicals, transport and electricity sectors. The Netherlands is uniquely positioned to contribute to the development of a green hydrogen economy. This is achieved through large-scale green electricity production via offshore wind, a wideranging framework of know-how, largescale chemical clusters, the import of green electricity and a gas transport infrastructure that can inexpensively be adapted for green hydrogen. A high-level road map has already been developed by the business community and academic and government institutions. This must now be further developed into a more specific master plan. Several demonstration projects are expected to be completed by late 2018, showing that further expansion offers huge opportunities in terms of impact and profitability.


One of the most visible projects that SCO will oversee in the next few years is making social housing projects in the Netherlands energy neutral, by combining new technology with various forms of financing to create a strong business case. We aim to achieve this goal no later than 2025, and make new and existing social housing not only energy neutral, but energy producing. The expectation is that the first 100,000 homes will be built by the end of 2018.


We need to look at health and nutrition in a different way. Until recently, medical science was primarily focused on curing diseases and treating symptoms, even though there are so many more gains to be made in prevention. The Netherlands has been a trendsetter in this regard since 1600. With our experience, strong and determined entrepreneurs, logistics channels and knowledge from universities, we are capable of creating an enormous new economy. Large medical centers, plant nurseries, food producers, insurance companies, educational institutions and other stakeholders are joining forces to start projects that will make the Netherlands the world’s healthiest delta by 2025.


In a few years’ time, there may no longer be enough energy to power and process the rising volume of data traffic. The Netherlands has the solution: photonics, computer chips that work not with electrical power, but with light. They are a million times faster and up to 100,000 times more energy efficient, and are therefore incredibly promising in commercial terms, with a predicted potential global market worth $3 trillion by 2030. Photonics are on the rise worldwide, and are considered a key enabling technology in Europe. One subdivision of this market, integrated photonics, is predicted to be worth €50 billion by 2020. It capitalizes on the unique properties of light using photonic integrated circuits that are built into devices, analogous to microelectronic semiconductor integrated circuits. Thanks to the work being done at Eindhoven Technical University and companies based in the surrounding “Brainport” region, the Netherlands has secured a trendsetting position in this area. Some 150 Dutch companies are active in this field, and the number is growing. There is now a high degree of momentum in the area known as the Photon Delta, and the Netherlands will have to maintain its position, given the substantial catch-up investment efforts being made in this field in the United States, Japan, and China.

What we do

The activities of Smart Climate Opportunities are centered around three main pillars: the academy, ideation sessions and initiatives.


The academy aims to make people ready for the transition towards a sustainable economy. We organize activities for both knowledge enhancement and concrete action.

Smart-up Track
Awareness and urgency

A challenging 4-day program that prepares you for the worldwide fundamental transition towards a smart and sustainable economy.

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Smart & Green
Inspiration events

To get inspired and enhance your knowledge in the field of climate change and smart technologies we organize various SMART & GREEN events throughout the year.

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Climate Education Overview
A structured overview of studies in the field of climate change

We offer an overview of the best education on climate change provided by qualified Dutch education institutes. If needed, we can also help partners choose the best options.

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Online Climate Course
An online course on the basics of climate change

This online course provides an easy and flexible way to learn all basics about climate change. You can go through the course in your own time and determine the speed yourself.

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As matchmakers we identify impactful initiatives and bring together the needed parties to scale them. We connect end users with specific needs (use-cases) with innovative, smart and sustainable technologies, implementors that can scale-up the use of these technologies and the capital to back up the long-term growth of these smart and sustainable technologies. and help big companies to roll out sustainable ideas.

We are currently working on the following initiatives:

Below you find an overview of all initiatives SCO has been involved in since its foundation:


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